SWD >>> F.A.Q.


1. What is SWD?

SWD – Search World Designs, is a powerful professional software which searches and downloads the most up-to-date worldwide industrial design pictures, updates their legal statuses, and stores the design bibliographic data and documents in your machine for analysis and research.
SWD will save your time and money spent in industrial design search and research.


2. What kind of design data could be downloaded by SWD?

SWD can download design bibliographic data, design pictures, legal statuses etc.


3. Where does SWD search and download designs?

SWD can search and download the up-to-date design data of USA, Germany, Europe and China from their IP Office websites.


4. Can I export the data downloaded by SWD?

Yes. You can export the design data and documents to Excel format.


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