Bizsolution - IT expert for IP industry

Based in Toronto and Beijing, BizSolution comprises an international team of intellectual property experts, project managers, senior software engineers with years of experience and professional support engineers in delivering world-class productivity solutions and services for Intellectual Property Industry for over 10 years. Thousands of users have benefited from our software and services. Our clients include Lenovo, SinoPEC, ABC, GE and H3C.

We provide intellectual property agencies and law firms with the tools and solutions to better manage their workflow and cases, as well provide enterprises with the tools and solutions to manage their intellectual property.

We take great pride in all of our software products, which help hundreds of intellectual property agencies to improve their workflow, and enable hundreds of enterprises gain competitive advantage from their intellectual assets. We also take great pride in all aspects of our organization, all of which work very hard to make our customers to succeed.

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