SWP >>> Overview


SWP (Search World Patents) is a powerful software for Intellectual Properties Professionals that help users to search, download patents from Internet and re-use the data in your local database.

SWP searches and downloads the most up-to-date patents from the official websites of worldwide patent offices, such as USPTO, EPO and SIPO etc. Using SWP, you can search and download US patents, PCT applications, European patents and Chinese patents at no additional cost. As well, it would be very easy to update the patent legal statuses, and get the family patents.

The downloaded patents would be existed in formats of PDF and html files, and it would be parsed into relational database field to store in your local database. This would be your own's patent knowledge-base, you can use it in your technical research, and patent analysis etc.

Further more, SWP can works seamlessly with our patent analysis software - PatentProbe. From patent searching, downloading to generating patent maps and analysis reports, it just needs a few minutes.

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