SWD >>> Features


               ·       Search Designs:

    o   Search design data from worldwide official websites, such as USPTO, OHIM, DPMA and SIPO, etc.

    o   See the design pictures during the searching time 

    o   Bulk-search by using a collection of design numbers

    o   Synchronously multiple search in the same screen

·         Download Designs:

    o   Download design bibliographic data, pictures, legal statues

    o   Parse and store design  bibliographic data in your computer

·         Organize and use:

    o   Manage design data in customized category tree

    o   View design pictures in slide-show

    o   Add comments and remarks on any designs

    o   Research design data in your computer

    o   Export design pictures into one pdf file

    o   Export design data into Excel-formatted file

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