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1. Searching and downloading:

  • The search screen just like the websites you used to. It is very easy to use;
  • You can submit multiple search requests, the software will automatically handle them one by one;
  • To avoid the Internet jam, you can arrange your search request to auto start at anytime;
  • Enter a collection of patent numbers/application numbers, and SearchWorldPatent will download them immediately;
  • The downlaoded patent documents will be stored in PDF and HTML formats in your local directory;
  • Patent data will be parsed into relational database fields(such as patent number, patent date etc.) from html and stored in your local database;
  • Patent legal statuses can be downloaded at the same time;
  • Family patents could be searched and downloaded at the same time;
  • Reference patents could be downloaded at the same time;
  • If your search results in excess of the limition of the websites a bit, SearchWorldPatent has a way to get all of the results;
  • You can update any patent at any time after you download it.

2. Patents managing:

  • You can create classification trees for the downloaded patents;
  • Adding your comments on any patent at any time is available;
  • Powerful search functions make it convenient to work with local patent in your database;
  • Export the patent data and documents to Excel, Html or Word formats, where you can share the data with others.

3. Others:

  • The downloaded patent data can be used directly by our PatentProbe software which could generate patent maps and patent analysis reports in seconds.
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