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  • Case Modules
  • Case modules include Patent, trademark, copyright, domain name and other case module. Each module has its own special information entities.

      ·    Fees and Billing:   

      • Automatically generating official fees and attorney fees based on your configurations
      • Tracking the official fee payment workflows
      • Recording timesheet items and automating calculation of charging fees
      • Drafting bills from the fees and timesheets  

     ·    Tasks and Alerts:  

      • Creating tasks with client’s due dates, official due dates and internal due date based on customized task templates
      • Dashboard alerting all important due dates of cases, tasks, documents, fees and bills etc.
      • Configurable color showing different urgent level for due dates

      ·    Documents and Emails:  

      • Built-in Document and Email Modules retaining documents and in & out emails attached to cases
      • Automatically generating standard documents and emails based on the documents and email templates
      • Dragging, dropping and parsing documents and emails from the outside and storing them into IP Space  

      ·    Renewal Managing:  

      • Creating renewal fees based on the renewal fee configurations
      • Managing patent, trademark and domain names renewals information
      • Alerting renewal due dates, managing the related documents and tracking renewal history  

    ·    Customer Relationship Managing:  

      • Managing contact information of clients, agencies, introducers and applicants
      • Recording correspondence of email, telephone and fax etc.
      • Bulk emailing to the selected contacts
      • Real-time statistics of client cases, fees and tasks  

     ·    Reporting:   

      • One-clicking to generating yearly, quarterly and monthly reports of clients, cases and fees
      • Dragging to select data area to creating charts. Exporting forms and charts of reports  

     ·    Flexible and Configurable:   

      • Selecting modules needed, and adding more as your business growth
      • Defining your own case types, progresses types, case ref. number rules and case statuses
      • Selecting modules needed, and adding more as your business growth
      • Creating your own fee list, document templates, email templates, and task templates etc. and using them to produce fees, documents, emails and tasks automatically or manually 



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